Patches Kids



Kathylee Forrester, AngelicPreneur

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a message of hope, AngelicPreneur Kathylee Forrester founded Patches Kids Feelings Fitness. Kathylee developed Feelings Fitness to help children learn and practice navigating and regulating their emotions.


Playful learning is an important engagement technique to encourage children’s confidence in talking about feelings and remembering their new skills, so Kathylee created the popular, lovable Patches the Bear. Patches loves to help children learn how to communicate their emotions and feelings. When children learn at an early age how to respond instead of react, they develop an inner strength by understanding how to quiet their minds, calm their bodies and express emotions appropriately. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of children’s Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), one of Kathylee’s primary concerns, along with other experts, is that too much screen time is affecting early learning and development. Technology is a wonderful tool that when used in balance with real life interaction can be amazing. A child’s brain initially learns about emotional intelligence through human connection, touch, eye contact, and voice.

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Patches and The Feelings Tree, offers a beautifully illustrated adventure with Patches and his pocket full of feelings that builds on Kathylee’s over two decades of award winning, nationally recognized, speaking and advocacy for children.

Driven by her love for God, children and the inspiring message of hope from her challenging youth, Kathylee created Patches the Bear and his pocket full of feelings faces to equip parents and professionals with the resources they need to practice Feelings Fitness with children, and to guide them in finding balance with technology exposure and face to face communication. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the foundation of what all learning is about.

Patches a sweet, lovable Bear is a dream come true for Kathylee, as he lives forever in the hearts of the children who meet him. Our new book Patches and The Feelings Tree is a classic style storybook, thoughtfully and beautifully illustrated to appeal to children of all ages. At the core of every child lives their feelings and emotions, which guide them on their journey to becoming all they were meant to be.

As our world continues to change and grow, Patches Kids will have fun through new Patches products that help practice Feelings Fitness.